Messerschmitt Bf-109 G-2
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Single seat fighter. One Daimler Benz DB 605 A engine of 890 HP continuous power / 1475 max power, inverted V12.
Max speed (650 km/h (350 kts). Range: 650 km (350 nm). Ceiling: 12100 m (29700 ft). Height: 2.5 m. Max weight: 3.03 t. Length: 8.94 m. Wingspan: 9,92 m.
First German land plane to exceed 330 kts, which was a world record (1937).
The type was the standard German fighter and saw many modifications. It was also used by Bulgaria, Czechoslovaki, Finland, Italy, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Yugoslavia.
Over 33000 were produced. The plane on display started life as a Hispano Aviacion HA 1109 (C.4J) and flew with the Spanish Air Force as C.4 K-21. It crashed on May 26, 1958 during takeoff.
It was used in a children's playground until 1968, when it was refurbished for static use in the movie "Battle of Britain". It was restored to a G-2 status with a DB 605 A engine.