Morane Saulnier type G
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The original aircraft was powered by one Le Rhone 9 cylinder engine. The replica on display has a 7 cylinder 110 HP engine. Max speed: 160 km/ / 86 kts.
Range: 1110 km / 60 nm in long range configuration. Ceiling: 4000 m / 13000 ft.
The G-type was widely used as a race / record aircraft in 1913/1914. It has a wooden structure and a fabric covered wing. It has no brakes.
The aircraft was developed by Raymond Saulnie and the Moran brothers in 1912. Roland Garros broke many records aboard this aircraft. On Sept. 23, 1913, he became the first
pilot to cross the Mediterranean Sea. This replica made this historic flight again 100 years after the this: on Sept. 22nd, 2013, it took of from Fréjus, France, and reached Bizerte, Tunisia,
in under eight hours. The plane is still regularly presented and flown at airshows.