MS760 Paris 1R
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Two Turbomeca Marboré engines of 400 kgp/880 lbs (later on with the Marboré VI engines: 480 kgp/ 1060 lbs) thrust. Max speed: 570 km/h (328 kts). Cruise speed: 520 km/h (300 kt).
Range: 1475 km (890 nm). Ceiling: 7000 m (23000 ft). Light four seat liaison and buseness twin. Pressurized cabin. First jet to be offered to non-military customers. The air forces of
France, Brazil and Argenina used it as a liaison aircraft. The aircraft on display is #24 out of 165 build in France. An additional 36 were assembled in Argenina. The aircraft on display
first flew on Feb. 18th, 1959. It was later reconfigured to the Paris 1R version and made its last flight on July 8th, 1996, abert 7261 flight hours (6590 cycles). The color scheme is
that of the 06.330 Albret squadron of the year 1979.