Nord 1101 Nordalpha F-BBCM
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One Renault 6Q 10 engine of 230 HP. Max speed: 305 km/h (165 kts). Cruise speed: 245 km/h (132 kts). Ceiling: 5900 m (19355 ft). Four seats.
Retractable undercarriage. Six cylinder air-cooled inline engine. Variable pitch propeller. The plane is an evolution of the Messerschmitt Bf 208 and was license-built in France during
German occupation. After the liberation of France, die German inverted V-8 engine was replaced by a Renault 6Q 10 engine and the nose gear was significantly modified. It was called "Noralpha"
when first presented in 1946. In the French Air Force it as called "Ramier". After being retired from military service, many of the aircraft were used in flying schools. The aircraft on display
is #88 out of 205 built between October 1945 and February 1949. It is now presented in the colours of the serial number 8, as it appeared at the Aeronautical exhibition in 1946.