F-106G Starfighter
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Supersonic Interceptor. First interceptor that was capable of reaching Mach 2. One General Electric J79-GE-11A engine of 10500 lbs thrust (15800 with afterburners),
Max speed: about 2125 km/h / Mach 2 / (1150 kts). Range: 1350 km (840 nm). Ceiling: 15240 m /50000 ft.
First flight in March 1954. The type was soon retired by the US Air Force. Most of its service career was spent as a NATO plane in Europe. 1317 were built, 970 of them in Europe.
Germany retired the plane in 1998, Italy in 2004. The plane on display had been delivered to the German Air Force. It had 3684 flight hours when it arrived.