Falcon 10
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Twin engine VIP aircraft developed in 1968, based on the MystŔre-Falcon 20. It has two Garrett TFE 731-2 engines of 3230 lbs thrust. Max speed: 910 km/h (490 kts, Mach .86).
Range: 3500 km (2795 nm). Ceiling: 9150 m (30000 ft). The plane offeres room for two pilots and 4-7 passengers, depending on the cabin configuration.
First flew on Dec., 1st, 1979. After several problems and modifications, it received certification in September, 1973. A total of 226 aircraft were produced in France, Italy, and Spain.
The plane on display is the second prototype. from 1973 on, it was used to test the Larzac engine which was under development by Turbomeca and Snecma for the AlphaJet.
It thus has two engine nacelles of different size: the port engine nacelle is smaller than the starboard one, because it houses the Larzac engine.