Lohner Etrich-F Taube
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07/31/2018. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The pictured aircraft is a replica of the Etrich Taube Typ F (Etrich Dove Type F) as built in 1912 by the Lohner company in Floridsdorf, Austria (presently a suburb of Vienna). It was built according to original Lohner plans in Vienna in 1987 by Anton Ott and Heinz Linner, assisted by Karl Linner and Michael Binder. Fitted with a 105 hp Walter Minor it was first flown by Karl Hasitschka at Bad Vöslau, 17 mls (27 km) south of Vienna, on August 27, 1987.

During a flight in 2008 the engine stopped in flight due to spoiled fuel, in the subsequent crash landing the aircraft was substantially damaged, the pilot, Karl Hasitschka, escaped injuries. . Anton Ott repaired the replica, a new propeller and a different type engine cowling was fitted.

By October 2009 the aircraft was on loan to the Flugmuseum Aviaticum at Wiener Neustadt, 27 mls (43 km) south of Vienna. The museum was temporarily closed in 2015, due to a move to a new location, unfortunately it is still closed."